American Wood Fibers Ultra Premium Softwood Pellets
American Wood Fibers Ultra Premium Softwood Pellets
April 13, 2017
Barefoot Wood Pellets
Barefoot Super Premium Wood Pellets
April 13, 2017

American Wood Fibers Premium Hardwood

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Grade: Premium
Material: hardwood
Ash: Less Than .47
Fines: Less Than 0.5%
BTU/LB 8075 (as received TOTAL MOISTURE LESS THAN 4.50%

Analysis       BTU/LB 8075

American Wood Fibers’ Premium Wood Pellet Fuel is a blend of quality hardwood  fibers compressed into pellets which meet the highest industry standards. By  combining our wood fiber experience and the latest in process technology we  provide pellets that burn longer and burn stronger.

Weight 2000 lbs


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